Welcome to Southern Comfort Group

Welcome to Southern Comfort Group

Welcome to Southern Comfort GroupWelcome to Southern Comfort GroupWelcome to Southern Comfort Group

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Thermal Scanning and Diagnostics


We use Infrared Imaging to find heat Loss and Gains in homes and buildings. IR imaging can also indicate moisture issues.

Insulation for Walls


New construction is a large part of what we do.  I have developed a proven system of air sealing wall assemblies. Special attention should be given at construction.

Attic Insulation in New Construction


Attic Insulation is the biggest money saver or looser. Incorrectly installed can cost you on your power bill. Georgia Building code is now R38. We have suggested this for over 30 years because we KNOW it saves YOU money. Don't be cheated by a builder, It's a must.

Attic Insulation in New Construction


The Blower Door Test is the definitive test of measuring Air Leakage in a home. This can determine to areas of leakage as well as help define actions needed to correct issues. The door test can be combined with a duct test to determine Duct Leakage too. Many other readings and testings can be performed.

Crawlspace Management


Proper Ventilation in crawlspaces is a growing concern in our humid location. Many times Encapsulation is the most effective way to control moisture issues. Georgia Building Code is specific in how this should be achieved without causing additional problems.  We exceed Minimum Standards with proven techniques and applications only with quality materials.

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